Author 2 (1)Author bio: Being creative and artistic minded, Amber says as a child she spent many hours making up scenarios and characters in her head, watching a story play out in the interactions and circumstances. Although similar to daydreaming, Amber’s stories often continued after being interrupted, like a saga or mini-series. However, her love for writing did not develop until well after her high school years.

Since 2012 Amber has authored 2 books, and co-authored a 3rd, as well as multiple articles and creating 3 successful blogs. Fueling her passion as a writer and an artist, she has also helped others to attain their goals of becoming published authors.

Amber is devoted to God, family & friends, church, and community, and encouraging others to live life to the fullest and pursue their dreams. She also has strong interests in children, animals and humor, and enjoys long hikes in the mountains, camping, and just about anything outdoors. She lives just outside of Palmer, Alaska, with her youngest son, Christian, and their 2 dogs Frodo & Sydney, and 2 cats, Coal & Pretty.