Last night I dreamed I woke up, and I heard you playing with the dogs outside. I jumped out of bed and ran outside, and I grabbed you and hugged you so tight. When you saw the tears in my eyes, you asked me what was wrong. I told you that I had a terrible nightmare, that I had lost you. You smiled at me and said, “You will never lose me, because I am right here forever”, as you placed your hand over my heart. In that instant, I looked into your smiling face and I saw heaven in your eyes.

At first I was afraid, I did not understand. But as I peered into the images, the fear gave way to unimaginable joy and peace. You began to speak in an unknown voice in a language I did not know, but somehow I understood. You said, “Listen and remember…I have put my love in your heart. You must give it away, for it is meant to be shared. But do not worry, it will never run out. I will refill it daily. This love has the power to cause hearts to know me, to repent and seek forgiveness, and open eyes to see the hope of heaven. This love will bring peace and joy to all that are searching for it, you only have to let it flow. Remember me, and do this”.

Then you took my hand and held it as we sat on the porch steps, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the beauty all around us. We didn’t speak, we just enjoyed the moment. Every thing around us seemed to radiate pure light.

After a while, we stood up and you looked at me and said, “You will forever hold my heart”, and you kissed me on the cheek.

I opened my eyes and it was morning, and there was a warm damp spot on my cheek where you had kissed me.

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    • It took me a long time to write, because I couldn’t stop crying. I’m glad it helped. We both know that Christian was a special gift and blessing, not just to us, but to everyone he touched. The miracle of his life was in the love, joy, encouragement, faith, and hope of heaven that he shared so freely. And I believe with all my heart that God wants us to continue that legacy, to follow his example.


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