I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and blessings for a fantastic New Year to come. May the peace and joy fill your hearts every day, and may the spirit of love last forever.

I’m still working on my book, though the process has slowed down quite a bit while I celebrate Christmas with my family and friends. Being able to balance my time so that I’m neither neglecting those I love, or the work that I love, is rather tricky business. But I just remind myself of what my priorities are, and remember that I’m only human. I continue to do the best I can with the time I have, making sure those I care about know how much I love them, while still writing a little each day. Sometimes that means letting things like cleaning and chores wait (not that I mind that too much, lol). The important thing is, I don’t allow myself to get so busy that life becomes frantic and un-enjoyable. If I make myself miserable, it shows in my attitude and in my work.

So, make sure to take the time to share some love, laughter, and make some fun memories with those you love. Celebrate this season for the reason it is here…it is Jesus’ birthday, and the gift He wants most is your heart and love for all.

Merry Christmas to all! – Amber Lea


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