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Today was just one of those days…you know…the kind that doesn’t go according to your well-intended plans. I typically prefer a well organized routine for my writing schedule, but alas, it did not happen that way today.

The day began at 2 a.m. with a monstrous migraine headache that made me sick to my stomach. Dizzy, I staggered to the cabinet to retrieve the small bottle of peppermint essential oil in the hopes that it would bring relief. A few drops of this golden liquid is usually enough to do the trick, however, I was not wearing my glasses. Instead of a few tiny droplets, I managed to dump half the bottle on my head. In just a short while, my headache and stomach ache were getting better, but the intense vapors caused my eyes to burn and water profusely. It also caused all of my animals to retreat to the fresh air of the cold outdoors, as the cabin took on the aroma of a giant candy-cane.

In opening the windows and door to air out the place, it also made it quite chilly as it was only 35 degrees and raining outside. So a fire in the woodstove was in order.

After the smell had subsided, the furry friends returned, a little cautious at first, but expecting their breakfast nonetheless.

When all was settled, I prepared to begin the workday, but my head was not quite up to being creative just yet. So I decided to work on a little research reading, thinking it may help to inspire some ideas for the writing. I decided on a passage from one of Frank Peretti’s books, “This Present Darkness“, reading through one of the scenes of an attack by demons.

As I was reading this scene, I was picturing an intense battle in my mind that had me tensing up, and all of a sudden, the cabin started shaking, rocking back and forth, as the log walls began creaking and making loud popping noises…EARTHQUAKE! Most other times it wouldn’t have phased me much, as this is Alaska, and we have small earthquakes all the time. But in the creepy state of mind I was in at this particular time, reading about unseen evil things, it did cause my heart to skip a few beats.

Thankfully, it wasn’t a big quake, and there was no damage here. But it did unsettle all of my animals. And of course, they all decided to take cover on my lap! A German Shepherd, a Yellow Lab, and 2 cats. Being a mom sort of person, I tried to comfort each of them, but there simply was not enough lap to go around all at once.

After appeasing the critters with some much appreciated treats, they finally settled down. And I decided to attempt plunking away on the laptop. This was not to be though, as an aftershock soon caused the cabin to rumble once again, and the fur-babies began to claw their way up my legs. (It’s nice to feel needed, though sometimes it can be painful.)

Once again, it was back to the treat jars for the pets, and more caffeinated black liquid gold for me. After only sleeping for 3 hours, I was finding it hard to fight the urge to allow my eyelids to seek the darkness they so desired. And then I made a terrible mistake…I checked my email.

There at the very top was a notification from my credit card company regarding a recent request for a change of address. (I recently switched from my post office box to a lock box at the end of my road.) For some strange reason, when I tried to make the change online, I kept receiving an error message saying this was an invalid address. So I tried to call the company, only to listen to one of those automated robots that kept hanging up on me. Through sheer persistence, I finally reached a breathing human being who was very helpful in taking the new information and settling the matter for me…or so I thought. The email I received this morning showed a change had indeed been made…for the wrong address!

So, I had a headache, stomachache, a jolt of unwanted excitement, exhaustion, and now utter frustration to boot. Once again, I called the credit card company, this time bypassing the robot by pounding on the “0” button. After being on hold for 10 minutes, a very polite woman responded and corrected the mistake.

By this time, I felt like I had run through the ringer, too tired to even care anymore. So I decided to go back to the comfort of my soft alluring bed that was gently calling my name. I convinced myself that a nap was in order, and that it would help to clear my head and enable me get my work done, even with a late start.

As I sank into the dark softness, I felt each of my 4 legged children begin to slither their way up onto the bed and under the covers. This is not the usual, as it is a twin size bed and not enough room for everyone to stretch out. Still, I allowed the pile up, knowing they were still a little uneasy after the quake.

The next venture into light for my weary eyeballs was after noon. Since sleeping until 5 a.m. is considered “late” for me, I felt completely off kilter all day. Everything has been out of whack and unorganized, and I have yet to actually work on the manuscript. The most productive part of today has been catching up with a few friends, and writing this post.

And so that has been my day. I hope yours has been better.

I won’t be posting this weekend, as I will be making up for lost time on the writing project. But I plan to be back full force bright and early Monday morning.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and please feel free to leave a thought or two in the comments.

Write on! – Amber Lea


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