First, I wanted to share some good news…I finished the NaNoWriMo challenge with 50,723 words…YAY! It was easy-going until the cat erased half of my work. From there on it was quite difficult to catch up. There is still much work to be done before the book will be finished, but it is well on its way now.

I wanted to share the first “battle scene” excerpt. It occurs when Jason’s sister, Janet, comes to visit. Jason’s nightmares have become more intense, finally leading him to talk to Pastor Brian, who believes Jason’s nightmares are somehow related to his visions.


As he put his hand on Janet’s shoulder, Jason suddenly felt a dizziness consume him, and everything went dark. He found himself floating in complete blackness, without sound or sensation of any kind. At first Jason wondered if he was dead.

Slowly, he began to notice a strange smell. The aroma grew stronger, quickly becoming a powerful stench that made Jason’s nose burn. There was a faint familiarity in the smell, something he couldn’t quite put his finger on. As Jason focused on trying to recognize the scent, he thought he heard a quiet whisper, like a soft echo from a distance. As he turned his attention to the sound, it grew louder, turning into ear-piercing screeches with an unnatural quality. The sensation of his body began to return, and Jason could feel his heart racing and he realized he was trembling with fear. Within the deafening noise, Jason detected a sound he recognized…the same terrifying laughter he had heard the night his parents died. Instantly, he felt a cold chill run up his spine. He was aware of a presence around him, feeling as if he were being pushed and pulled by an unseen enemy.

Suddenly, a brilliant light flashed through the darkness, so bright it momentarily blinded Jason. A horrendous hissing and shrieking sound followed, then another sound he could not recognize. As his vision began to clear, he saw a figure standing in front of him. The shape was that of a man, but with a face that glowed a sparkling white and eyes that resembled crystal clear oceans. Light seemed to emanate from him in all directions. In his right hand he held a sword with a blade made of luminescent crystal, and the handle was of solid gold. In his left hand, he grasped a shining horn covered in rubies and emeralds.

Jason soon realized that they were not alone. There appeared six more men, all like the first, surrounding Jason in a full circle. Jason was completely confused, and incapable of speaking. Out of the darkness surrounding them, Jason could see glowing red eyes, and he could hear rustling sounds as the eyes seemed to be dancing around the circle of light. A shrill and hideous cacophony began, at first like a chant, then quickly turning into a battle cry. Out of the darkness a creature lurched forward with a face twisted and gnarled into an unrecognizable shape, jagged fangs jutting out of its mouth and a body that resembled a half rotted skeleton. As the creature hurled itself toward the circle, Jason heard a low rumbling sound and saw wings of pure light unfold from behind the men’s backs. He realized these were not men, but rather angels. The first angel met the creature in mid-air, piercing it through its horrid face with the crystal sword. As the demons scream filled Jason’s head, the sword pinned it to the ground and in a flash of lightening, it was gone.

Another demon surged forward, this one running on four legs, like a wild animal charging, more gruesome than the first. An angel rushed out to meet the demon, tackling it and slamming it away from the circle. As the two clashed and rolled in a death lock, Jason realized the angels were protecting him from the demons. Just beyond the edge of the light, Jason saw a figure he recognized. Though it was fuzzy and distorted, Jason made out the image of his sister among the demons. She was covered in black bindings and the demons were gnashing at her, slicing her with metallic talons, squealing with delight each time she cried out in pain. Jason started to go out toward her, but the first angel stopped him, placing his sword across Jason’s path.

The angel spoke, saying, “You are not yet ready. The Word is your Light, the Word is your Hope”. Jason didn’t quite understand, and he tried to push past the angel to get to his sister, calling out to her. Janet didn’t appear to recognize him and did not respond, and again, the angel stopped him. Janet’s appearance began to change and she took on the form of a demon, with flames flashing from her mouth and eyes, and that evil laughter he knew so well. It seemed as if his sister was taunting him, but Jason refused to believe that this was actually Janet. He reasoned with himself that it was a demon trying to confuse and trick him.

The angel spoke again. “You are not strong enough to save her. You must be prepared. Go, find the Word and It will give you the strength and wisdom you need”. With that, the angel sounded the horn and a mighty whirlwind appeared. Jason could barely make out the images of angels and demons clashing in an all-out battle, as he felt himself sinking back into the black silence.

“Well, looks like Grammie’s been feeding you growing beans. But don’t forget, you’re still my little brother”, Janet said, as she hugged Jason’s neck. He felt the perspiration trickle down his forehead and into his eye. The stinging sensation caused a quick reality check, as he stood there looking at his sister, unsure of what had just occurred. Was he going crazy? What was happening to him? Did he just imagine the whole thing?

These questions and more were racing through Jason’s mind as he finally managed the words, “Good to see you too”.

**End of Excerpt**

Well, that’s all for today. I’ll be spending the weekend wearing out the keyboard, making cookies and fudge, and looks like shoveling snow too. What’s happening with you?

Share your thoughts or ideas, and of course, compliments are always welcome!

Have a great weekend, and write on! – Amber Lea

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