With all that has happened in this past week, I’ve decided to take a 3 day weekend and catch up on a few things, one of which is continuing to reconstruct the work my cat erased. I am also attending a “Mystery Dinner” this weekend, a “who done it” event, held as a fundraiser for our church building project, so it won’t be all work and no play.

In the meantime, I do have an excerpt for today. In this scene, Pastor Brian has been called to help a friend’s wife:

When Brian pulled into the Daniels’ driveway, he was met by Clarke before he could even get out of the truck. Clarke Daniels was sort of a spindly man, but very kind and generous, even though he had little to give. Gloria Daniels had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer, and Clarke had tried every form of treatment there was to save her, including some rather unconventional methods. It had drained all of their savings and put them heavy into debt. But Clarke didn’t care about the money, saying his family was worth far more than any amount of money.

As Brian stepped out of his truck, Clarke reached out and shook his hand as he said, “Thanks for coming. It’s Gloria, she’s not doing so good. Could you please help her?” This was not the first time that Brian had been called to help Gloria. Part of her condition from the cancer caused her to have hallucinations and become almost violent from fear. The only thing that helped to calm her down was Brian holding her hand and praying for her. As they entered the house, Brian could hear Gloria crying out, and she was pale and trembling as he took her hand. She looked at him with terror in her eyes as she said, “Why won’t God take me and get it over with? They keep biting me”. Suddenly she began swinging her arms wildly in the air, as if she was fighting off an attacker. Brian and Clarke grabbed her arms to restrain her, and she shrieked in agony. After several minutes of thrashing about, Gloria went limp. She was whispering faintly, and as Brian leaned in closer to hear what she was saying, she turned her eyes towards the window and said, “They’re going to kill us all”.

Brian managed to calm her down enough for Clarke to give her the newest medication. It was an herbal elixir to help her relax and be able to sleep.

Just then, 3 year old Torey burst into the room, followed quickly by Amanda. Amanda grabbed Torey by the arm and said, “You know you’re not supposed to bother mama”. She looked at their mother, who was quiet now, then at her father. She said, “I’m sorry Dad, she got away from me”. Clarke was so distraught over his wife’s outburst that he barely noticed his daughters. But Brian stood up and said, “Let’s give them some peace”, as he turned to lead the two girls back downstairs.

Before he could take a step, Gloria reached out and grabbed Brian’s hand, and as he turned toward her, he saw what looked like a dark shadow hovering over her, and there was a loud shrieking sound, followed by blackness.

The next thing he knew, Brian opened his eyes to find Clarke, Amanda and Torey standing over him. They were speaking to him, but their voices seemed muffled and far away. As his head began to clear, he sat up and looked around. Gloria was now asleep.

Brian asked, “What happened”?

Clarke replied, “You passed out”.

Brian could see the look of concern on Clarke’s face, and he said, “I’m okay. I must be coming down with the flu or something”. He was afraid to tell his friend what he thought he had seen. He knew that Clarke already had his hands full dealing with his wife, and didn’t want to worry him further.

Clarke told Amanda to take Torey outside to play, as he poured a glass of water and handed it to Brian. Brian slowly stood up, still feeling a bit shaken, and sat down in the chair next to the bed. As he sipped the cool water, he looked at Gloria. He was thinking about what had happened, when he noticed her arm. There were what appeared to bite marks, several of them in fact. He wondered if she had been biting herself in her delirium. But as he looked closer, he noticed the marks did not appear to be human.

**End of excerpt**

Well, that’s it for today. I look forward to your feedback on the project, and if you have ideas or suggestions for the characters or storyline, please share! And tell your friends too. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and I’ll be back on Monday.

Write on! – Amber Lea

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