Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Amber Lea Leggette, and I am an author. I created this site as a place where readers and writers can come together and share thoughts and ideas, information and resources, and build new and lasting friendships.

My mission is simple:

  1. To inspire the minds of readers and writers, to develop creative thinking skills and hone the art of excellent writing.
  2. To foster an atmosphere of understanding and respecting our unique individuality, while appreciating our common bonds and unity.

I have some very exciting ideas and plans that I will be sharing soon, including a members-only newsletter, so make sure to bookmark the page for now. (I am still working on getting all the links in place, so please be patient while construction of the site is underway.)

So, that’s about it for now. I look forward to getting to know all of you, and I greatly appreciate your visit!

I’d also appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have for the site. Thanks! – Amber

Posted by Amber Lea

As an author and artist, Amber Lea has worked to share encouragement, laughter and joy with everyone, believing that it becomes like a bright and shining light in the darkness.

Amber Lea says, “The more I journey into the world of writing, the more addicted I become. I love God, children and animals, and writing about what I love and enjoy has evolved into a way of life for me”.

Her published works include: Faith, Hope & Miracles; Trials & Triumphs; Crazy Critters #1; and numerous articles.

Website: http://www.amberlealeggette.com

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